“Knowledge is the tool”: Bangladesh’s Cricket Captain Shakib’s appeal teaches us

There are rules and regulations in any country, in any system, and in any game. If somebody is using a rule or law, then how can he be declared a crooked person? It is the law that has to be criticized. When a rule is here and still there is ignorance about it, then who is at fault? Not the one who used the rule, but the one who is ignorant.

We are once again debating the laws on firecrackers. Whether they should be banned completely on Diwali (Hindu festival) or not, the petitions are again in the Supreme Court. and, of course, there are the court’s observations as well. And then in social media, we criticize one-sided decisions; that data was not seen; it is not Diwali that creates pollution, but the other so-called “festival!”.

The laws to curb pollution were already there. But we were playing the game of “mutton biryani, or Merry Christmas or Halloween,” and no attention was paid to the rivers getting polluted due to these festivals. We did not collect data on where the blood goes; where do animal remains go? How many trees are cut to make the Christmas trees?

Did we ever present the solution that blood and animal remains should not be released in rivers and trees should not be cut for Christmas trees? Did we ever present an authentic academic study of how many people were killed by communists?

Did we? No, we did not! Did we collect data on how much pollution crackers create on Diwali? No, we did not! Did we do any academic studies on our festivals? What we did! We enjoyed the books that raised questions about our gods. We promoted the agenda left by the communists and walked ahead. Even we enjoyed the discussions on social media that Brahma is a false god, Prabhu Shri Rama was not an incarnation of Vishnu; he was just a king, and yes, Ma Durga is just an ordinary “kabilai girl!” This is the discourse we enjoyed on social media.

We did not collect data on the factors that polluted our rivers and later cribbed for the non-immersion of our puja samagri in rivers. Can flowers pollute rivers? No!

There are lots of new subjects and data to research! but we don’t! Later, we criticize the fact that communists are destroying our festivals. What have we done to save our festivals?

Ignorance of laws is not a defense. Somebody has to impose something. This is the same for the communist cult. They want us to be finished. But who has stopped us from creating an academic comparative study about the different festivals? Like the wastage of pumpkins at Halloween and compare it with our festivals.

We are not at all against any festival of other belief. We just want to celebrate our festival without any shame and with pride. This is the reason the comparative study is important so that we can say that laws should be the same for all religions, and there should be the right to celebrate festivals with no terms or conditions.

The rules and laws are meant for use. We should remember one thing: there is no other spirit than self-existence. Whatever Shakib did with the Sri Lankan team is the perfect example of the spirit of self-existence. And what we are doing is just beating around the bush with no knowledge, no roadmap, and no authentic data!

Every person should learn from Shakib’s strategy. In this world, only existence matters, and we can learn from that Bangladeshi captain that we should have knowledge of rules and regulations and the most important thing, “intention.” and what was the tool “knowledge of rules and the sense how to implement the same!”

If anybody is using any existing law or rules with the intention of existence, what is wrong in this? As an aware Hindu of this land we should also know about the rules and regulation of this country as well as some International laws.

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