You cannot run away from your identity: the story of Palestine Lover Italian Vittorio Arrigoni describes well

It is the story of Italian reporter Vittorio Arrigoni who fought for Palestine people, became Anti-Israel and killed by Palestinian Salafists in 2011.

Vittorio Arrigoni was an Italian. He believed in harmony and he also loved music and poetry. He was a reporter from Italy, and he believed that whatever Israel was doing was wrong and was sin. He founded a website named Gurrilla Radio, in which he described that he was against Zionism because

“Zionism is an abominable, racist, and colonial movement, and like all colonial and apartheid realities, it must be in everyone’s interest that it be swept away.

Replacing it without bloodshed with a democratic, secular, secular state, perhaps on the borders of historic Palestine and which includes Palestinians and Israelis under the equal right of citizenship without ethnic and religious discrimination, is a wish that I hope will soon become reality.”

He was one of the activists who revived the International Solidarity Movement. It is a Pro-Palestine group that works in Palestine. He put his life in danger when he acted as the human shield for the Palestinian fishermen in 2008 and was injured as well. He got arrested by Israeli authorities, but he never shied away from helping Palestinians. He had passion and zeal to work towards humanity and against Israel’s alleged aggression. To make things more balanced, he tried to convince a larger audience that he was not against Israelis, but he was against Zionism, which is the other name of the colonial movement.

He faced the bullets for Palestinians and dedicated his life to them. But one day he was found dead, and he did not become the victim of the Israelis’ bullets; he was killed by the same Palestinian for whom he was fighting and risking his life. He was abducted by a radical group that has been in conflict with Hamas, and it was seeking the release of his leader from Hamas.

According to BBC, one video was released by the group and they declared Italy “an Infidel State.” It is written that “Mr Arrigoni appeared to have been beaten and his eyes were covered with thick black tape.”

A caption on the video read: “The Italian hostage entered our land only to spread corruption.” The video called Italy the infidel state”.

It was being told by police that he was found hanged, but his body was never shown to any journalists. Vittorio Arrigoni was killed in 2011 by Salafist radicals. They are the radical Islamists who considered Hamas to be too moderate. But still, they did not abduct Hamas members to put pressure on Hamas.

They kidnapped Vittorio Arrigoni, who was an Italian and who had a commitment to the Palestine cause, and he cursed Israel in the best possible ways. But his dedication to the Palestine cause could not save him. He was killed in a very brutal manner.

Why was he murdered despite being a Palestinian supporter and an Israel hater? Why was he killed by an unknown group that wanted to get its members released from Hamas? He could not be saved despite being a Jew-hater.

What can be the reason that the deadline was given by his abductors and he was killed even before passing the deadline? The same questions were raised by Fiamma Nirenstein, vice president of the Committee on Foreign Affairs in Italy’s Chamber of Deputies and chairwoman of the Committee for the Inquiry into Anti-Semitism. According to the Jerusalem Post, she deemed the slain Hamas-aligned activist Vittorio Arrigoni a “fan of political Islamism because he was an enemy of the Jews.”

She pointed out that “his support of Islam did not save him from a cruel execution—“. What was his organization about?  According to the website, it is dedicated to “to resisting the Israeli apartheid in Palestine by using nonviolent, direct-action methods and principles.”

ISM openly supports the Palestine resistance, as can be seen on its website. It is still active, and there are no words against the Hamas terrorists. According to the Jerusalem Post, Prof. Gerald Steinberg, head of NGO Monitor, a human rights watchdog organization, said, “The record speaks for itself: In 2002, ISM members attempted to help terrorists hiding in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, and in 2003 the murderers of Israelis at Mike’s Place bar in Tel Aviv, forged links with ISM activists. In 2010, the ISM played a major role in the deadly Gaza flotilla confrontation. Whatever Arrigoni’s motivations might have been, he was clearly not promoting peace.”

He was not clearly the peace activist, as some sections tried to portray. A member of the terror sympathizer group cannot be a peace activist as he has already devoted himself to an organization whose motto is to destroy Israel.

According to Noah Pollak executive director of the Emergency Committee for Israel, a Washington-based organization, Arrigoni devoted himself to helping Hamas try to destroy Israel. He was a warmonger, an anti-Semite, and a supporter of the repression of Palestinians under terrorist rule in Gaza. The attempt by anti-Israel activists to portray him as a crusader for peace or human rights is nothing less than Orwellian.”

But he could not be saved in spite of being an anti-Jew and Palestine supporter.  Even his facebook page shows him full of blind hatred. Steven Plaut, a professor at the Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Haifa, took anti-Israel Photos from Arrigoni’s Facebook site for an article in the online US Magazine Frontpage. Even he included a photo with a joyful manner that was the sign in a store that announces that dogs and Israelis may not enter.”

But the question remains: in spite of his hatred towards Israel, he was not killed by Israel; he was killed by those who were fighting for Islam and Palestine and who did not like Hamas.

But why was he murdered? The question remains. —————. The answer remains in the caption of video that describes Italy as the infidel state”. —————-

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